AFGHAN TRANSIT UP= We have done +20000Cntrs of NATO,+5000cntrs of Cooking Oil,+2000Cntrs of Sugar,+500Cntrs of Solar System,+1200Cntrs of Poultry Feeds,+2800Cntrs of Medicine,+400Cntrs of Tyre,+400Cntrs of Febrics,+260Cntrs of Black Pepper,+200Cntrs of Cumin Seeds,+100Cntrs of Husk,+150Cntrs Cardamom and+2000Cntrs of MISC.

AFGHAN  TRANSIT DOWN= We have done+180000MT of Dry Fruit,+9000MT of Pulses,+1200MT of Fresh Fruit+500MT of Vegetable+500MT of Seeds

IMPORT= We have done+160000MT of Dry Fruit,+5000MT of Used & Old Battery,+2200MT of Scrape,+70000MT of Pulses,+60000MT of Fresh Fruit,+1000MT of Seeds and+400MT of MISC Items.

EXPORT= We have don+10Lacks MT of Cement,+60000MT of Sugar,+2000MT of Floor,+45000MT of Medicine,+1000MT of Rice,+4000MT of Vegetable.

CONSTRUCTION = We have don al Rehman plaza Chaman.

HNC plaza Chaman.

Akbar khan & sons plaza Chaman.